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Penis Straightener, that Uses a Penis Traction Method [STUDY]

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In this article we will:


    • Find out the real stories of men, who have already bought a penis device and tried it on themselves to fix a curved penis.

    • Compare the basic penis traction devices and sort out the advantages of these and other methods to rid of Peyronies Disease.

    • Learn the main techniques that guarantee the best results from penis traction.

    • Compare penis enlargement with penis traction with other techniques, such as penis pumping, penis exercises, and expansion with supplements.


Let's take the most popular device Quick Extender Pro as an example to understand the principle of a penis straightener. In any case, the fundamental principle of such extenders is the penis traction method.



What happens to the penis while using the device:



    • During the stretching, the division and formation of new cells occur, the growth of skin tissue occurs.

    • Due to the design of the device, a proportion and fix a penis curvature.

    • Thanks to the special device design there is no risk of damaging the penis.

    • No discomfort during use.

    • While using Quick Extender Pro, blood circulation is not disturbed despite pressure on the penis. Changes occur naturally.

    • The use of Quick Extender has a beneficial effect on the overall men’s sexual health.

    • In many men, the penis is curved in length. If you have one, this device completely solves this problem during use. That is, the penis becomes perfectly straight even in addition to the fact that it grows in length and width.



Real Stories of Men Who Have Already Bought a Penis Straightening Device



Real Stories of Men Who Have Already Bought a Device for Penis Enlargement


Of course, the most interesting is the fact that someone has already enlarged his penis and shares his experience. Such stories are best for looking for in forums where no one is pursuing goals to sell or advise the right product. Today there are three main forums on Peyronies Disease, where men discuss their successes, ask questions to more experienced users, and share reviews about new products.

On these forums hundreds of thousands of messages and tens of thousands of topics. We selected several illustrative stories for you, the reliability of which is easy to verify by visiting a direct source of information.


Jeremy, 38


I bought my first and the only straightener on the Quick Extender Pro website, as many forum users praised it for its quality, comfort, and efficiency. I admit that at first, I wanted to try to stretch the penis by hand using Jelqing and Kegels, looking for gels like Enlarge. But, later, I realized that the exercises themselves were difficult to perform, it was necessary to follow the instructions and the schedule, constantly strain and get down to business. All this physically, morally, and emotionally loaded me and every day I increasingly wanted to quit the idea. Fortunately, on the 32nd day of my routine, I added penis extender to it, and I stopped using exercises after a week. At that time, I've already increased the penis by 0.4 inches with exercises. The extender created the right traction, and I realized that the stretching was already going on and I decided to stop Jelqing.


It was straightforward to use the extender:


    • Having dealt with him once, I just set it up for comfort.

    • I wore it when I stayed at home, at night and quickly got used to.

    • Accustoming occurred on the 7th day of using the extender.

    • I like that you do not need to apply your brain and to maintain some action to stretch the penis. The device does everything for you.

    • It took me only patience; I had to get used to it and do not forget to take off and put on.

    • I liked that during the year the device worked well and there was no malfunction.

    • No side effects were observed. The blood flow was normal.

    • I wore it about 5-6 hours a day, sometimes taking breaks, so that the penis rested, although I realized that it was not necessary.

    • I have not used it for four months already, and the size is still the same.

    • What is remarkable, the growth of the penis occurred much faster with the extender than with the exercises.

    • My penis was initially curved, and the extender helped to make it more straight.



I recorded my results every month, sometimes every week. Well, I was very impatient. I do not have a wife, so every time I showed my penis to the girls I met. There were several of them, I did not tell them that I was engaged in penis enlargement, but it was nice when each of them reported that "he has become a little bigger and somehow penetrated me deeper." I wanted to put a dick as deep as possible in anticipation of this "Not so deep!".


After a year my penis increased by 2 inches and grew by about 0.1 inches every month. The progress was permanent with no interruptions. This contributed to a good mood and motivation to continue. In fact, I want to keep with any result, if only it were. Probably, if growth slowed for at least a month, I would give it up. I satisfied with the result and the way of obtaining it.



Comparison of Penis Traction Devices



Comparison of Penis Traction Devices


Let's list the worthy devices:


  1. Quick Extender Pro
  2. Euro Extender
  3. SizeGenetics
  4. Phallosan Forte
  5. JesExtender
  6. MaleEdge


The last one is the most famous and popular on the forums, and there are more discussions about it, and there is a lot of information on it. Due to such publicity, extender pays great attention to customer support. In the comparative table below, you can see the main advantages and disadvantages of each device. In fact, any of them can give a result; the only question is that you want to buy the best for less money.



Main Techniques



In fact, there is only one technique. This is the principle of penis traction. Typically, stretching the penis tissue leads to cell division and the tissue is pulled by dividing and multiplying the cells. It means, simply put that this process stimulates the growth of new tissue by extending.

Subsequently, this leads to the penis straightening. This method is clinically proven. You can pull the penis with exercises, there are even special Jelqing devices, but the process occurs a much more effective and qualitative with the penis extender. In fact, all extenders despite the similarity of their design, give completely different results or do not give at all.


What matters to the user:


    • What kind of materials is the device made of?
    • Is the device suitable for your penis?
    • The design of devices is often very different.
    • The level of comfort and efficiency is controlled in different ways.
    • How well the penis stretches in length and width?
    • Is the device easy to wear?


Even those extenders that are considered as the most effective may not meet the criteria for material quality and comfort level. Make the right choice and buy an extender that is right for you. This is a personal task for every man, who intends to increase his penis and has a certain amount to buy an extender.



Compare Peyronies DIsease Treatments



Penis pumping


Today the most effective ways to fix a penis curvature are:


    • Penis pumping
    • Penis stretching
    • Nutrition


Penis pumping is a useful technique that involves the pressure that the pump turns on the penis during the impact on it. As a rule, men using hydro pumps. That is their use is possible in the shower, and this is a very efficient technique, but it has its pros and cons.




    • The pumping takes only 10-15 minutes a day.

    • The growth of the penis is tangible.

    • Many pumps have customization and special attachments for your penis size.

    • Pretty quick result.




    • Penis straightening occurs only in width.

    • Using a pump without exercises for the penis (jelqing) does not guarantee significant results.

    • There are many varieties of pumps even from one manufacturer, they all differ in the level of comfort, adjustment for the length of your penis and other individual parameters.

    • Often you need to buy several pumps to choose the most efficient and convenient for yourself.


Bathmate and Penomet pumps


We can distinguish Bathmate and Penomet pumps among the leaders in the quality and efficiency of penis enlargement. These are the most famous and high-quality products on the market, unlike the niche of penis extenders. There are only two leaders among the pumps, and everyone knows them. On the other hand, you need to carefully select the device, as for example, Bathmate 3 product series includes three pumps. Carefully read the description.


The penis stretching method is most often associated with exercises called Jelqing and Kegels. These are techniques that allow you to extend your penis with your own hands. They are considered quite useful, but, often, the process of working with exercises is very complex, and you will not have a coach, like in the gym.


If you have ever been to the gym, you know that for effective training you need:


  1. Clearly, define goals.
  2. Make the right schedule for your workouts.
  3. Prepare an efficient program that suits you personally.
  4. Exercise regularly.
  5. Learn on how to do the exercises correctly.
  6. Measure the result.
  7. Make adjustments to the training program depending on the sensations and the results obtained.
  8. Use proper nutrition to speed up the results.
  9. Allocate time during the day.
  10. As the exercises are performed with an erect penis, you will need to masturbate it and prepare to work with the exercises.


penis stretching method


It’s all the same with penis training, and the point with proper nutrition can be fully interpreted as the need to take special extracts that stimulate the activity of sexual functions. Only in this way, the training will be effective. And now look how difficult can be your routine for penis enlargement based on the techniques and exercises.


As a rule, by trial and error, great striving, disappointment, etc. men become skilled in doing exercises for the penis. This method is not suitable for everyone. According to hundreds and thousands of reports on jelqing on the forums, almost everyone tries the techniques in his routine but then abandons it after a while due to the ineffectiveness of his own program. Total only 10% of men achieve success with jelqing.



Nutrition to Curve a Bent Penis




The whole world is skeptical about Peyronies treatments with the help of supplements. At the same time, after the recent post of one of the main forum's contributors about increasing male potency, sharp criticism of tablets has become less. It was proved in the clinical trial that the penis could be enlarged by the intake of biologically active drugs.

Of course, it is about changing the size of the erected penis. Due to the increase in the strength of erection, the tissues of the penis can stretch, and the cells begin to divide and form a living tissue as well as with penis stretching and penile traction. In fact, the pressure in the penis provokes its growth by arriving the blood at the penis chambers. And, of course, pills are an important component of any effective program for penis straightening, whether penis pumping, traction or stretching.