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10 30%
$ 59 - 1 device
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Money back: 30 days
Success rate: 95 %
First results: 30 days
Max results: 180 days
Approved by: Dr. Eric K. Miller
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Dr. Eric K. Miller
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JELQ Device


Nowadays, more and more men are looking for an efficient and powerful method that can help them improve their sexual health and tone up their sex life by making their manhood larger, fuller, and stronger. You can find hundreds of products that offer the number one enhancement results and claim to be the best on the market. And when you decide to make the order, you do not know what to choose. Tens of questions pop up in your head. What device is better? Does the product work? Can it harm your health or cause injuries to your penis?


Don’t worry… You have found the place where you can receive competent and professional male enhancement recommendations and make your choice by reading reviews. Let’s consider whether the JELQ Device is worth buying.


What JELQ Device Is


JELQ Device


Jelqing is an ancient and popular exercise among men aiming at an increase in the size of the penis. To correctly do the exercises, you should use your forefinger and thumb doing milking-like motions. You are recommended starting at the base of your penis. Thus, you stimulate higher blood flow to the head of your manhood and stretch it. But such an exercise can cause damages and lead to fatigue.


Based on this technique, the JELQ Device has been manufactured to ease the penis enlargement process. The JELQ Device is a tool designed to increase your penis by applying the jelqing method. By using the product, penis enlargement should not cause any difficulties. The extender makes this process safe, easy, and more effective. It offers the customers to:


  1. Increase penis in length and circumference;
  2. Boost sexual stamina;
  3. Enhance sexual libido;
  4. Make erections harder and firmer.


How the JELQ Device Works


Gain in length


The device works by squeezing the shaft of your penis in a semi-tight grip and applies constant pressure and force to your manhood. When you attach the device to the head of your penis, it increases the blood flow in the gland and stimulates the growth of new penile tissues by dividing cells. This leads to an increase in the size. The pressure applied also improves blood circulation enhancing the health of your penis.


If you use the JELQ Device on a regular basis, you will achieve safe and permanent penis enlargement and firmer erections.


How to Use the JELQ Device


To gain the heights in penis enhancement with the JELQ Device, you are recommended using the product 3 to 5 days per week. The session should take 15 to 20 minutes. If you want, you may do the exercises in the shower.


To make the process more comfortable and pleasant and maximize your enlargement results, you may warm up your penis with warm water or wrap, and apply a water-based lubricant before you start exercising.


Gain in girth



#1 PeniMaster
826 votes
95% success rate
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To achieve adequate results, you are recommended using the product for 90 days. But customers report that they start noticing the first changes in several days of the regular use: better erections, higher ejaculations, the increased sexual performance control, and longer-lasting sexual endurance. After each session, the upper part of your penis becomes as thick as its base. In other words, your penis becomes fuller.

The JELQ Device is also designed for clamping. When you get erected up to 90%, you should clamp the rollers together and roll them up and down the penis. This allows you to increase blood circulation and maximize the effect. All three penile chambers (two corpora cavernosa and corpus spongiosum) become harder and thicker. You can continue jelqing after your erection decreases.


In addition to a larger and longer penis, you will enjoy stronger and firmer erections, better sex life, and higher self-confidence. It makes men happier.


Places to Buy the JELQ Device


If you have decided that the JELQ Device is the very product that can help you, you should visit its official website to make your purchase. The company provides affordable prices, and you can buy the device for $59.00. You can also receive discounts and save $20.00 when you order two JELQ devices.


1 month

2 months


+0.25 inches to your penis length
+0.3 inches to your penis girth


More libido



+0.54 inch to your penis length
+0.55 inches to your penis girth


Improved sexual stamina


6 months

12 months


+1.13 inches to your penis length
+1 inch to your penis girth


Harder and longer lasting erections



+1.44 inches to your penis length
+1.27 inches to your penis girth


Improved confidence



The money-back-guarantee is also ensured. If your gains do not satisfy you for any reason, you may send your order back within 30 days and receive the refund in full.


The extenders are packed into a cardboard tube, which protects the roller from any damage. The package is shipped to your address discreetly – so no one will know what is inside.


Customers report that the JELQ Device works and shows excellent results. Though it takes different time for different men to achieve their goals (as their bodies vary), a lot of users notice positive changes. The study shows that 82% of 380 men have gained additional 0.75 to 2 inches to their erect penises.


As you get the satisfaction guarantee, you have nothing to lose. So, give it a try and enjoy your new-looking manhood! 

$ 59 - 1 device
$ 99 - 2 devices
Can be shipped to Ukraine


13 39%


10 30%


10 30%

You have to beware of scams and look only for a penis enanmgerelt solution medically tested, approved and endorsed.

Can be shipped in Ukraine Official Site

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