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Penis Enlargement: Myths and Truth and What Does Medicine Say?

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We have heard many times that there are special penis extenders that make it possible to lengthen the male genitals. This is supposedly an alternative to surgery. But in fact, penis enlargement devices is an unexplored topic, even for those who are slightly interested in it.


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It's time to get all the comprehensive up to date information on penis extenders. In this article we will:


  1. Bust all known myths about penis extenders.
  2. Answer all important questions that concern men about penis enlargement with penis extenders.
  3. Learn what medicine speaks about the technique of penile traction, which underlies the working principles of penis extenders.


So, let's analyze the main myths that you probably heard yourself or can read about them on the Internet. It is time to find out the truth about penis stretching devices in 2017:


Myth 1: Penis extenders are dangerous devices that do not work and deliver hellish pain when used; they have a detrimental effect on erection and can make your penis useless


Penis extenders are safe


This is a widely held view, which, usually, is not argued in any way. Many men are afraid of the very idea of putting their penis into some device for its further stretching.


True: If you begin to search on the Internet for popular penis extenders that men buy in 2017, you can be sure that most of these devices are look so alike, while they do not seem dangerous and cannot harm in fact. Since 2000, there has been a significant evolution of these devices, since the theme of natural penis enlargement attracts more and more men every year. Industry and technology are developing swiftly, erasing any previous notions about the very essence of penis extenders. Today the correctly selected penis extender is:


  1. Proven and effective principle of action;
  2. A comfortable and controlled process of stretching the penis without pain;
  3. In fact, the work of the device is a gymnastics for your penis, and the regular use of it opens new possibilities in your sexual life: the erection strengthens, the penis straightens, if it was bent, the penis stretches out in length and width, and you begin to better control ejaculation.


Myth 2: A good penis extender is expensive, and no one guarantees the result


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Today, there are at least ten best penis extenders on the market, enjoyed by millions of men. At the same time, the price is quite acceptable for buying (from 130 to 500 dollars). And it's not just money down the drain on a useless thing. Manufacturers have taken care of you to properly invest your money so that you are satisfied with the result. Therefore, we recommend making the purchase of the device from the official manufacturer on its website and be sure to look at the warranty. Most manufacturers guarantee the result within a certain time or otherwise they fully refund.


Myth 3: To use the device, you need to study complex methodology and techniques, communicate in specialized forums and live the idea of increasing the penis


Truth: Today there is no need to study forums for days and study effective methods of penis enlargement. A high-quality device is designed so that you can use it just with the help of a brief and simple instruction, usually accompanied by video and photos. Any man, even one who was not at all interested in methods of penis enlargement, can get the desired penis enlargement without special competence and with a guarantee of result.


Myth 4: Wearing a device in your pants is uncomfortable, other people may notice it,  and it humiliates you and makes you feel defective


Wearing a penis extender


Truth: Actually, modern devices are not at all the same as described in the myth. These tools are very ergonomic, compact and easy to wear even if you need to leave home. You can wear the device for 3-4 hours a day when you come home from work or put it on for the night, but you can go out to work with it and do everyday business. The device will not be noticeable for you and others. In a few minutes after you put it on you can forget about its presence. This is achieved through a convenient design, created for your comfort, effectiveness, and safety. It can be quickly and conveniently removed and put on in the WC. It is easy to use and does not bother you at all. At the same time, you know that your penis grows every minute of using the device.


Myth 5: If you use the wrong setting of the tension force, you cannot get any results or vice versa, while you will be in pain and hoping for its effect


Truth: This is stupid as the principle of the high-quality device is that the penis stretching does not cause you any inconvenience and is not associated with pain. If it appears, you immediately adjust the device settings to maintain pressure, but at the same time make it as comfortable as possible to forget about the device on your penis. Remember that pain is a sign of incorrect work of the extender, which no longer gives any result. The main thing is to operate the device with comfortable settings by the book.


Myth 6: All devices are made in China, they quickly break down, and there are no spare parts to them, and if there are, they cost a lot of money


penis extender tension


True: among the popular devices that recommended for use on our website, there are no devices made or assembled in China. High-quality devices are assembled in Europe, America, Canada or Australia. If you do not buy extenders on Alibaba, Aliexpress or other Chinese websites, you are immune from the unpleasant cases of buying substandard goods. In case of purchasing a device from a trusted vendor, which will be discussed later in the article, you can be assured of high-quality customer support and the availability of all necessary accessories and spare parts for ordering and delivery to anywhere in the world. As a rule, buyers who have already bought a device from the manufacturer, get a discount for parts.


Myth 7: Doctors do not recommend using penis extenders


True: In fact, today you can find dozens of recommendations about the technique of penile traction, the effectiveness of which is clinically proven. Simply, all this information is usually scattered on the Internet, and there is no single recommendation for men that would be medically framed and presented to the media. Therefore, today penile traction and penis extenders information are for those who interested, that is you will not find devices ads in well-known magazines. TV programs do not talk about it, and nobody speaks on it in social networks. It is quite an intimate product, as well as sex toys. Everyone knows about them, but nobody discusses them publicly.



Myth 8: If you do not use the penis extender permanently, the result will return to its baseline


Truth: Nothing of the sort, if you managed to increase the length and width of the penis, the result will remain with you forever, and there is no need to use it constantly. There are general practice and performance statistics, and you just need to stick to it.