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How to Use Penis Extenders Correctly? Getting Started With Your Workouts

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In this article we will:


  1. Figure out how to properly use penis extenders and start the exercises.
  2. Learn about possible side effects.
  3. Know how long to wait for the results and what they will be.


You should understand that the process of increasing the penis using the extender is very long and requires your attention one way or another. Therefore, try to carry it only at home when there is nobody around. After all, one way or another you will need to take off your pants time after time to control the strength of the stretch or just to see if everything is all right. Over time, you can increase the load and walk with the extender for a longer period.


Energy Hour


This technique involves the use of the expander in an hour at maximum power, and then it must be simply removed. Such a program is not for a beginner; you need at least a half year to use the extender to start it. It is very effective, but often beginners cannot wait to apply it to themselves immediately. This is a big mistake as everything has its time.


Using an Extender With Exercises In One Set




You've probably heard that Jelqing exercises paired with penis extender to obtain the best result. But many people do not understand how to correctly combine one and the other. In fact, you need to adapt your program of exercises to the routine with a penis extender. After all, a constant tension in the penis can give unpleasant pain. Combining exercises and extender is recommended only for experienced men, who already wear an extender at least half a year.


Side Effects From Using The Extender


Today we can safely say that extenders technologically long ago crossed the line of primitive products of the past when the device was a real danger to your penis. If you pay attention, almost all the extenders are similar to each other, since they use a single technology. But there are unique devices like Jes Extender, Phallosan, MaleEdge. Modern extenders will not harm their owner in any way when using them correctly. The instructions indicate the time that you can wear the device and what voltage it corresponds to. Recommendations are to give a rest to the penis and do not overdo it with the force of stretching. All these are simple things for the correct impact of the device.


Let's talk about precautions instead of talking about side effects:


  1. Having bought an extender make sure that it is well designed, all the details work properly, and there is no defect.
  2. The extender should be easy to put on and remove without any problems.
  3. Sometimes you have to adjust and get used to putting on and removing the extender. Often different extender has its own
  4. It is imperative not to fix the penis too tightly in the extender so that not to disturb the blood flow. This is a straightforward rule, as if you squeeze any muscle for a long time inappropriately, the blood will cease to flow into this place.
  5. If it so happened that you pulled the penis too hard and it turned blue, just release it and let it flow.
  6. The excessive tension of the penis can lead to micro nerve rupture, and this should not bother you especially if you know that you put the extender comfortably and correctly.
  7. Always securely fix the penis in the extender and check how well you did everything.


And be aware, you unequivocally protect yourself from any possible problems following these simple rules.


When to Wait for Results and What They Will Be


penis extender results


If you expect to get even minimal results in the first days or even weeks of using the technique of penile traction, you are too naive. In fact, you need at least a month to use the device for 4-8 hours a day. But in 1 month it is quite real to:


  1. Improve the erection;
  2. Strengthen your potency;
  3. Minimally increase penis length and width;
  4. Start working on correcting the curvature of the penis.


But you cannot be upset and despair if in a month you do not see any changes, this is also normal. The fact is that it is very difficult to rebuild a man's sexual health, which he never did, and our body sometimes reacts reluctantly to external stimuli. But this is just a prelude to serious changes in your sex life. It is necessary to understand that the changes will be; if they are not, you are doing something wrong. Be sure to read the forums and find the error in your routine. If you think that you are trying different techniques, times, extenders and nothing moves, so just keep on for another month. Know, penile traction acts on everyone, but on someone quickly, on someone slowly. Changes can also vary significantly from male to male, so just be persistent. It is essential to experiment and change your routine if you think that the results do not go as fast as others do.



Ideally, you can increase your penis by 0.4-1.6 inches without any problems. The changes concern both the erected and non-erect penis. Also, the curvature of the penis will have completely gone, the erection will become stronger, the ability to recover quickly after orgasm will be obtained, and endurance during sex will gain. The erection will be hard for many hours of sex. You need 6-9 months to achieve these results.


So, as an epilogue, I want to say that those men, who set a goal to increase a penis with an extender, will achieve results since this technique works and hundreds of thousands of men, who use it today or used it earlier, will confirm it in independent forums. Doubt? Communicate with them and make sure that these websites unite millions of men in their quest to enlarge a penis. You are not alone, just see how they achieve their results and follow their recommendations.