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How Does Quick Extender Pro Enlarge Your Penis?

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Quick Extender Pro


An extender gradually mechanically stretches the penis. Such a device features a special design and is intended to be worn for 3-4 hours a day for three months or six months. The extender is fastened at the base of the head of your penis; the mechanism carefully pulls it, stretching the entire shaft of the penis. The present-day market offers a new type of such devices: vacuum extenders of high effectiveness. Learn more about penis traction on medscape.


 This product has been enjoying enormous popularity among men concerned about their penis size. The use of the extender causes the cells in the penis to divide. The tissue stretching results in a growth in both length and thickness. The Quick Extender Pro works as follows: the air from the cylinder is pumped out; the head of the penis is firmly fastened; the tissues are gradually stretched, which causes the penis to grow.


 Advantages of the Vacuum Extender:


    • Made of hypoallergenic materials;

    • Fitted with potent springs and a patented rotation system;

    • A possibility of enlarging the penis by 5 cm;

    • A lightweight device (75 grams);

    • A broad range of length adjustments;

    • A special-design scale for tracking the positive changes.



Medical silicone is one of the materials the device is manufactured from. While you wear the Quick Extender Pro, it's safe and convenient to go about your daily routine, sleep, and even play sports. Having used the device, many men note the extender has had a positive effect on their sexual life. They mentioned enhanced sexual sensations, prolonged sexual intercourse, as well as firmer and longer-lasting erections.


You need to be patient and self-disciplined to achieve a great result with the help of an extender. Wearing it regularly and properly is the only way to make your penis grow to the desired size. Make sure to purchase extending devices only from proven sellers that guarantee the quality of their goods.



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