How Penis Traction Works?

How Penis Traction Works?
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Have you heard about a device called penis traction? This is such a popular 2018 device that can potentially enlarge the size of your penis. Plenty of people who have an issue with the size of their manhoods would purchase this product to enlarge their penis. Penis traction itself is such a long-standing tradition of the device in the history of men. But do penis traction work in real life? Even if it works, how does it work and what is the science of such device? Well, we are here to explain it all to you.

The historical existence of traction device


Apparently, traction device is not just something that can be found in 2018. Traction device has been around for ages and has been used by different cultures all around the world. They might be not correctly used to extend the size of the penis, but the same rule applies to both. For instance, you might see in various Asian cultures how people would use traction device to enlarge the size of their body parts. In Thailand, the women of Padaung tribe would use a lot of rings to prolong the size of their neck.

The general explanation of traction device


So how would a traction device work, alter the size and length of our body parts? Technically, it would be the same method as for how a bodybuilder would increase muscle. By using the traction device, you are stretching your skin and muscle until it somehow is broken down. For instance, when a bodybuilder is exercising, he would try to break down his muscle tissue. By doing so, it triggers the body to repair the muscle tissue by adding more cells. This would make the muscle bigger. And since the penis is technically a lump of muscle, traction device is using the same method to enhance the size of your penis.

How traction device works on penis


The process in which a traction device would enlarge the size of your penis is practically the same as muscle building. Scientifically speaking, the traction device would perform mitosis which is when one cell is divided into two cells. The stretching activity would break down one cell, and the body will try to heal that broken down cell by adding another cell. This is how the idea that the traction device would increase the size of your penis.

In the penis itself, the traction device will target both the muscle and also the blood vessel tissue. Because of the blood vessel tissue being worked out, it means that the size of the blood vessel will grow. And because it is increasing, it can receive more blood supply into your penis. More blood supply means that your penis will swell bigger, making your overall manhood to be bigger both in size and length. Penis traction device will also enlarge the muscle in your male organ and even the skin itself. By using a traction device for a period, the size of the penis will be bigger.

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